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Monthly Archives: October 2017

How to Grow Your Brand by Designing and Developing a Website

In today’s society it seems like everyone and their mother has turned themselves into a brand.  One of the reasons it has been so easy for people to develop themselves into a brand is because the internet has made it possible for all of us to connect with each other in a way that has never been faster. There is a market for pretty much everything and anything and there are places on line to fill those needs. If you want to jump on the bandwagon of turning yourself into a brand, or growing a company, you already have in place, it is as simple s designing and developing a website. There are a few steps to make your website has the outcome you desire no matter what type of brand you are growing.

Determine Your Market

The first step is to determine you market. Are you simply sharing your life through a blog and hoping that people will be interested enough to follow you, or do you have a hat company like Lids that you are hoping to develop a retail market for online. No matter what it is, be clear on is so you can move forward with a strategic plan. This will help you with both the design and advertising for your website

Work with Someone Who Knows What They Are Doing

Unless you have built a website before, or happen to be a graphic designer or developer, then you might want to hire someone to help build your website for you. Even though there are plenty of platforms these days that make it easy to build a site with a quick template, those can come out looking like everyone else’s and may not function as well as one that was properly coded to be the way you want it to look.

Use Analytics to Determine Your Success

There are plenty of tools out there like Google Analytics to help you not only keep up with who is visiting your website and clicking your links, but also for who and how you should be advertising. You can pay a pretty small amount of money to have your social media reach additional audiences and in turn market your website on your social media.

Make Money No Matter What

Obviously if your website is a retail space, you should be expecting to make money. However, if you have a personal blog and do not get paid to write your articles, it is likely you will be looking elsewhere for income until your brand grows even larger. One of the best ways to do this is with advertising on your page. You can not only have an income but you can associate yourself with brands that have a similar mission to your own

Share it Everyone

Whether it is with family, friends, or strangers, you should aim to get the word out about your website to whoever you happen to be talking to. Mention it in conversation, emails, or on social media whenever you can so that more people will visit the site and traffic will increase.